Crowdfunding Real Estate With Patch of Land

September 19, 2015
Patch of Land is a peer to peer real estate crowdfinancing platform, offering accredited investors the opportunity to invest in high yield, asset-backed real estate debt deals with low minimum investments. Properties are secured by title and developer guarantee with LTV values that protect investors from unnecessary risk. Investors can diversify their portfolios by accessing high yielding, passive income streams through real estate deals without the hassle of property ownership or management. Patch of Land will handle the work, liability, day to day management and licensing while investors watch their portfolios grow. Patch of Land is unique in the real estate crowdfunding space because we co-invest, putting our own money into every deal. We work with established, experienced developers with a track record of successful property developments and we strive to provide investors with best-in-class customer service. Detailed information on every property is available to allow for a thorough evaluation and efficient due diligence process. Investors have ongoing visibility into each project as it develops, as well as detailed analysis of investment returns on a monthly basis.
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The Wisdom of the Real Estate Crowdfunding Crowd
The Wisdom of the Real Estate Crowdfunding Crowd

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