Patch of Land's Doug Cochrane Appears on the Real Estate Guys Radio Show

January 7, 2016

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show is a fun and informative real estate investment talk show that’s been broadcasting on conventional radio since 1997. Hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray, the show delivers no-hype education and expert perspectives in a fast-paced, entertaining style. The Guys talk investment strategy, economics, tax and asset protection planning, market and property due diligence, international diversification and much, much more!

Recently, Patch of Land’s Doug Cochrane made a guest appearance on The Real Estate Guys Radio Show to discuss how the world of investing in single family homes has changed after the Great Recession. In this episode titled Single Family Home Investing - Not the Same Old Game, the Guys interview several interesting folks to talk about the new level of sophistication taking place in the real estate industry. Take a listen and hear their interesting thoughts about the use of technology, and what changes are occurring in the way the single family game is played.

Who You'll Hear on this Episode:
• Your host who has seen a market change or two, Robert Helms
• His single family minded, co-host, Russell Gray
• SVP of Acquisitions & Underwriting at Patch of Land, Doug Cochrane
• Managing Director at FirstKey Lending and chair of event panel, Dennis Cisterna
• CEO, Real Wealth Network and Talk Show Host, Kathy Fettke
• Long time listener and Real Estate Syndicator, Sep Bekam


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