Join Patch of Land at The Secrets of Successful Syndication

January 26, 2016

This weekend, The Real Estate Guys are hosting an event in Phoenix, Arizona where groups of investors share the risks and rewards of bigger deals or portfolios. This event is for experienced real estate investors who want to get bigger faster by getting into the big deal flow.

Catch Patch of Land's SVP of Acquisitions and Underwriting, Doug Cochrane, presenting live at this years event speaking about "Finding Funding". If you're a real estate investor who wants to go to the next level or entrepreneur who wants to start their own business in real estate investing, this is the event to be. Register today.


Event Details:
January 29-30, 2016
Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigleyville West
860 North Riverview
Mesa, AZ 85201


  • Sixteen FULL hours of practical proven training
  • Discover why NOW is the time to get in to the real estate syndication business
  • Learn how to set up your first syndication in six months – or less!
  • Build a strong team of professional advisors to make sure you do things right!
  • Find huge hidden sources of investment capital
  • Develop a powerful resume that will impress investors, lenders and sellers
  • Learn to find all kinds of great deals – big and small – and always stay in the deal flow
  • Discover partnership structures that will attract investors and comply with all laws
  • Create a compelling presentation that will attract money
  • Learn how to work your way up to big deals fast
  • Discover the single most important skill every successful syndicator MUST have
  • Two full days of powerful, proven education … plus a fun-filled networking reception

Doug Cochrane, has been previously featured in The Real Estate Guys' Radio Show covering topics such as the changing market and how the single family game is played.

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