Watch AdaPia d'Errico's Wipro Webinar on Crowdfunding

March 28, 2016 Noell Hernandez

Wipro Gallagher Solutions is fueling the future lender.  They recognize that the next generation lender needs lending systems that not only efficiently manufacture high quality loans but provide a robust and flexible technology framework to support seamless integration with digital channels and innovation partners.

Wipro launched this webinar series to catalyze the discussion around what it will take for lenders to remain relevant with the customer.  From customer journey mapping and digital integration to compliance, data security, cloud infrastructure and big data. Wipro is giving lenders access to the individuals who live and breathe these topics on-demand and in under 20 minutes.

Patch of Land's CMO, AdaPia d'Errico teams up with Wipro in a webinar to discuss which core elements drive crowdfunding and peer to peer lending successes in real estate.

Watch the video HERE



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