New Real Estate Crowdfunding eBook Sheds Light on Growing Industry

April 18, 2016 Noell Hernandez

It's no surprise that the real estate crowdfunding industry has gained more traction in the last several years. While the concept is new to some, others have considered it as a their source of main income. House flippers or rehabbers, or as Patch of Land likes to call them, Real Estate Entrepreneurs are known for buying low-cost houses, fixing them up, and then selling at a higher price for profit. That profit is then invested into another property and thus the cycle of flipping houses continues.

After the economic downturn, it was harder generally for anyone to get a loan. So how does a flipper or Real Estate Entrepreneur get the funding they need? Salvador Briggman, the founder of the popular blog, CrowdCrux breaks it all down. He recently launched a new Amazon ebook entitled "Real Estate Crowdfunding Explained: How to get in on the explosive growth of the real estate crowdfunding industry." Salvador breaks down the real estate and crowdfunding industries into concepts that are easily understandable.

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RE Crowdfunding Explained


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