Patch Co-Founder Jason Fritton on Real Estate Deal Talk

December 15, 2016 Chelsea Strong

Real Estate Deal Talk provides massive value to real estate investors by answering questions about finding, evaluating, structuring, positioning, and exiting real estate deals and scaling a business. Hosted by Abhi Golhar, the response to those questions are based on his own successes and failures as an investor, borrower, lender, and joint-venture partner.

Catch Patch of Land Co-Founder Jason Fritton on the show Tuesday, December 20 at 3-4pm EST and 11p-12a EST. Listen on 1190AM - Atlanta or go to and click "Listen Live" at the top.

Listen in if you're seeking answers about real estate investing and those who have the grit, hustle, work ethic, and insatiable hunger to push through the toughest of times in order to achieve their fullest potential. It's designed for beginner investors looking how to get started to the seasoned professional looking to take it to the next level.

Check out Real Estate Deal Talk:
- Finding Capital for Your Next Deal: Episode 16
- Why Invest in Real Estate?



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